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In today's market, businesses are rapidly expanding their footprints in response to ever-increasing competitive demands. And this growth has extended far beyond U.S. borders. Whether it's Asia or South America, companies are tapping into talent and resources around the globe. But while companies look to the horizon for expansion, they face new and complex insurance, risk management and benefits challenges.

Take for example, Director & Officer's Liability policy. If you're a global company, you want a global D&O policy, right? Wrong. A global D&O policy often isn't enough because many foreign jurisdictions don't recognize a U.S. designed policy. So, to cover potential exposures you need a policy written by an approved or local broker. That's where Conner Strong's network throughout the globe proves its value.

Our global approach is different than most brokers. When your needs expand overseas, we don't transfer you to a satellite office where they don't know your name or your needs. With our approach, we're still your point of contact every day and for every issue.

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