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Surety Bonding

For some, the surety industry is about getting the quickest fix with little regard to long-term impact. That's a band aid approach. As one of the most experienced surety agents in the region, Conner Strong & Buckelew offers a long-term solution that we deliver through a five-stage process:

  1. Discovery: Pour through financial records, analyze balance sheets and scrutinize operations.
  2. Goal Setting: Establish today's needs and tomorrow's objectives.
  3. Planning: Identify challenges and their root causes.
  4. Execution: Design a collaborative solution that maximizes surety credit, drives your business forward and involves the bonding company.
  5. Results: Continuously evaluate the results, adjusting the original plan if and when it makes sense.

Conner Strong & Buckelew has access to the top surety companies around the country, putting at your fingertips the resources and products that give your business stability and strength.

In bonding, your success depends on our team, which includes former underwriters, bond managers, CPAs, CFOs, project managers and surety experts, to name a few. Because we've sat in every chair, we can deliver on our promise to provide the best program for your business, today and tomorrow.

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Travis Shaffer
Surety Manager

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Joseph Jingoli & Son, Inc.
Mike Jingoli
Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer

"Conner Strong & Buckelew knows our business inside-and-out. That's why we trust them with our toughest projects. In budget, timeline and scope-of-work, there's no room for error. We expect perfection and that's why we rely on Conner Strong & Buckelew as our insurance and bond partner. They handle whatever we throw at them with ease."

Joseph M. Sanzari, Inc.
Paul Sarlo
Chief Operating Officer

"At first we were attracted to doing business with Conner Strong & Buckelew because of their industry knowledge and experience. That expertise coupled with their high level of service is what has kept us with them. These qualities immediately resulted in lower premiums and improved policy coverage for our company. "

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