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First impressions count. That's why your first meeting with us is an open and honest dialogue with the same team that you'll interact with whenever you need us. A lot of brokers give a great sales presentation. But, like you, we think being a trusted and valued advisor is about more than just selling. That's why we don't pull a bait-and-switch and we don't sell what we can't deliver.

Conner Strong & Buckelewhas a flexible service model that matches your needs with our skills and services. And just like you, we're looking for partners who value our strategic thinking, industry expertise and flawless execution.

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Interstate Realty
Bill Geddes
Chief Financial Officer

"After 15 years of working with Conner Strong, they continue to respond to our evolving business needs. They have great access to the market and continue to offer competitive prices and expanded coverage. Conner Strong is a one-stop-shop. We operate in 26 states and they handle all of our insurance and benefits needs because they can perform the work more efficiently and effectively than we can."


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